Why I Am a Criminal Defense Attorney

I’ve a confession to make, I take pleasure in the custom of jacksonville criminal defense attorney. As a criminal defense attorney, I represent those charged with a crime, while it is DWI/DUI, traffic, misdemeanor or felony. According to the explanation I’ve heard from a lot of people, I defend the ‘scum of the planet.’ Since determining this was my part of practice as a lawyer, I’ve learned from friends, family and even complete strangers that my chosen profession is ‘incorrect,’ ‘despicable,’ I Have even been told what I do is “what is wrong with America.” I strive to truly have a valid discussion with one of these people to clarify my choice to practice criminal defense. Occasionally, these discussion go good, other times they don’t. Either way, releasing an article which expresses the logical with this criminal defense attorney might provide some understanding to those that definitely don’t approve of, defending the accused, and otherwise don’t comprehend.


I’ve understood that I needed to be a criminal defense attorney since I took evidence and criminal law . Nevertheless, I did not understand until I examined Constitutional Law, this profession was significant. It’s the Constitution which gives the freedoms to each one of us which we enjoy now. A lot of folks take these liberties for granted, largely because of the fact they’re not confronted with a scenario where they would be protected by these rights. However, these rights remain accessible should they be desired. Examples of those rights include the Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination and due process, the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel.

The wonder of the way they can be used now is that not only are they the consequence of the brilliant minds of our forefathers who draft the Constitution, however they can be used as well as the rights is due to centuries of caselaw precedent. What this implies is, in innumerable trials these rights happen to be asserted since their origin in which a ruling was made as to precisely how they need to be used given specific facts. Higher appellate courts have assessed these opinions, for instance, Supreme Court of the United States. Meaning that authorities Prosecutors to Judges through the court system and an impossible amount of legal scholars have come together to produce a decision in just how they need to be used. And though sometimes precedents are overturned when given new facts, that should just provide greater comfort in knowing that, though not common, they are able to be overturned if conditions happen to be altered because the precedent was set (as a good example, think of the means by which the net has altered innumerable laws on the subject of copyright, defamation, libel, Fifth Amendment, harassment, etc.)

These Constitutional Rights so are carried on, and were designed, in a effort to make sure that innocent people aren’t convicted as dearth of due process, insufficient legal representation or a result of forced confessions. And though our system is imperfect, in that innocent individuals are still convicted, these Constitutional Rights would be the most effective equilibrium of providing protections to those accused while in the exact same time not too restrict the Government’s effort to identify, detain and finally prosecute those who find themselves criminally responsible.