Carpet Cleaning Service to Clean Cat Urine

If you have the need for cat odor removal in Vancouver, Wa. and the surrounding areas then give us a call today at Eagle Carpet Care. We are the premier carpet cleaning company in Vancouver, Washington when it comes to dealing with cat odor and cat stains in your carpet.

The most important thing you need to understand is that cat odor in your carpet cannot be dealt with properly with “regular” carpet cleaning. In fact, if you just try to clean your carpet with “normal” methods you are bound to be disappointed because the odor issue in your carpet is going to be worse. Of course, the longer term solution to this problem is to stop cat from marking with urine.

What makes us different at Eagle Carpet Care when it comes to dealing with cat odor and cat urine in your carpets? Well there are a few things, and we’ll discuss them below.

Do NOT let any carpet cleaner tell you that treating urine or cat odor in your carpet is just normal cleaning. That is simply not true! Cat urine in your carpet needs to be treated a specific way and if it is not you will get poor results. Below is part of the process we use to remove cat urine from your carpet.

Locating the Urine: In many cases cat urine, or any type of urine, in your carpet cannot be seen with the naked eye. There are certain tools needed to properly locate the urine. If the cat urine in your carpet is not located properly then the end results will be poor. At Eagle Carpet Cleaning we use the proper tools and have the knowledge on how to properly locate all the urine in your carpet.

Removing The Urine: Once the urine is located then you need to use the proper tools to get as much of the urine out of the carpet as possible. Using “normal” cleaning tools is not going to work when it comes to getting urine out of the backing and pad. We use special extraction tools to remove as much of the urine as possible. Once we have removed as much of the urine as possible the next step takes care of the rest of the urine and odor.

Neutralizing The Odor: Once the cat urine has been located and removed from your carpet, the next step is to put the proper odor control agents on your carpet to get rid of any remaining cat odor.

At Eagle Carpet Care we use the BEST odor control agents on the market, these are not products you can buy in your local grocery store. They are true professional odor control products that work.

If you have cat odor in your carpet there is not a better carpet cleaning company in Vancouver, Washington to call. We have treated literally thousands upon thousands of cat urine spots with great success. You do not need to live with the urine in your carpet! We can help!

There is one other thing we should let you know…having a carpet cleaning company quote you a carpet cleaning job or cat odor removal job over the phone is simply the wrong way to do it! There is no possible way a carpet cleaning company can quote you a cat urine job over the phone. They need to see it in person.

At Eagle Carpet Care we are willing to come to your home and give you a FREE no obligation quote on any carpet cleaning and cat odor removal you need done. We give firm written quotes and never play any pricing games.